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You guys are exceptional! Keep up the good work. I honestly appreciate your service! The delivery was made on time, same day as I expected! The recipient was extremely satisfied! There were no issues at all
Bénis Munganga (KS, USA)
Февраль 16, 2020
I am so very please with the service. The delivery person made sure my wife was there to receive her gift by calling and setting up a delivery time that was best for her. I also had then deliver it the next day to a remote place in Northern Russia which was done on time and no issues. I can't express how happy I am with this service and the quality. The items we're exactly as I ordered and my wife was very happy. Thank you so much!!!
Dan Bryz-Gornia (NJ, USA)
Февраль 13, 2020
I appreciate your services. This was a less expensive “test” order. Everything went perfectly, and I look forward to ordering more again soon.
Eric Smith (MI USA)
Февраль 11, 2020
Thank you so much - excellent service, great speedy feedback and reassurance Parents loved their gifts and delivery people were very kind and genuine
Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten (New Zealand)
Февраль 07, 2020
My daughter was delighted with her gift basket, and I must say it looked beautiful. My son and his family have also loved your gifts. I can rely on them being delivered as I want.
Kathryn Davenport (UK)
Февраль 01, 2020
I was very surprised that within a few minutes after submitting my order I received a personal email asking for more details to ensure it made it to its destination. Very good customer service and my colleagues told me the gift was beautiful. Not the cheapest solution but you can't put a price on good service. Thanks!
Bradley Brock (GA, USA)
Январь 31, 2020
Thank you for an easy and reliable customer service experience. The site could not be easier to navigate and my gift basket was delivered to a colleague overseas in a timely fashion with welcomed updates along the way. I will be using this service again and will be suggesting it to fellow colleagues.
Claudia Barbiero (NJ, USA)
Январь 24, 2020
I strongly urge everyone to use the services for overseas gift baskets from this company. I have used their services twice and will continue to use them as they are very professional, courteous and prompt with their basket delivery services. More importantly, my dear friend was truly amazed by the basket as well as the contents and her children LOVED it!!! Great way to start off the holidays‼️ Thank you for taking such great care of the basket selections for my dear friends overseas❤
LaTonya Sellers (MD, USA)
Январь 23, 2020
Спасибо огромное за своевременную доставку Торта, для моей дорогой Донны Лауры, которой исполнилось 103 года, согласитесь, чем можно удивить женщину в 103 года, а вкусным тортиком который еще и красиво украшен-это здорово! Спасибо всей вашей команде за слаженную работу. Доставка была в Италию в Чезано Мадерно из России.
Жанна Воронина (Саратов, Россия)
Январь 19, 2020
again my friend in Russia was so excited at receiving a Christmas gift Basket, and as told me that, the presentation and quality was great, and was so pleased to receive it, delivered by a really polite and pleasant lady. my friends experience made her really happy and over the moon 
Mr A K Edgar (UK)
Январь 09, 2020